Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome to the Guard

Give the party a major quest to deal with Vancaskerkin and his Cow Hammer Boys. Discovering the side business run by the mercenaries requires a Streetwise check (DC 10), with success by 5 or more indicating the the party learns the passphrase as well.

All the World's Meat is made up of five encounters - the entrance, the killing floor, the reefclaw pit, the boars, and the upper floor where Vancaskerkin makes his stand. While the boars and reefclaw certainly won't bother running to the aid of the Cow Hammer Boys, it's possible that the sounds of combat will carry through the building. Rather than rushing to help their fellow mercenaries, if violence is heard on the lower floor, the other thugs assume it's another angry "customer" upset at the thin (or absent) selection of fresh meat.

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