Monday, November 23, 2009

C7 (Throne of Spiders)

Barvasi is found here, with a handful of his thugs. Negotiations with the King of Spiders (should the more peaceful route be attempted) take the form of a skill challenge.

Should fighting erupt in here, I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

  • 2 Human Bandits
  • 2 Halfling Thieves
  • False Floor Pit (minor action to trigger while adjacent to throne, see Dungeon Master's Guide)
  • Devargo Barvasi (use Onster Glarrak, see Dragon #372)
Total: 950 xp (Level 5 Encounter)

Modify the flavor of the abilities in the Onster Glarrak stat block to reflect spiders instead of snakes.

Devargo begins by triggering the trap door in the floor if anyone is atop it. Unless a creature falls into the pit, a round later the monsters in area C15 roll initiative and attack, climbing up out of the trap door and complicating this fight for the PCs a great deal.

Barvasi carries treasure parcel 1 from level 2.

With regards to the pseudodragon trapped in the cage, normally pseudodragons are not particularly intelligent in 4th Edition, nor nor are they able to communicate telepathically. Majenko, however, ought to be. If it is an issue, this can be easily justified by having him explain that he was the subject of some arcane experimentation at the Acadamae. Unlocking his cage is a DC 16 Thievery check. He will serve his rescuer as a companion character. As a DM, you should try to avoid having the party use him at every opportunity. If your group is lacking a player for the session, allowing one of the players to use Majenko can help level the playing field. His stats are provided below, at level 2. Follow the companion character guidelines presented in the Dungeon Master's Guide 2 for increasing his level (page 33).

Skill Challenge: An Audience with Devargo

Setup: The PCs have three methods at their disposal to draw the ambassador's love letters out of Devargo. They can bribe him, which automatically brings them closer to their goal, but deprives them of what might otherwise be their reward. They can persuade him to hand them over after winning his favor through skill checks. Finally, they can participate in games of knivesies and hope to beat the King of Spiders.

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