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The game of knivesies can be easily represented under the 4th Edition rules set. It requires a bit of preparation, and a handful of special rules (including a terrain power).

To set the event up, place both participants atop a 1-square-by-2-square table. They begin the encounter grabbed and restrained by each other (because their arms are bound together). This grab does not need to be sustained, and it cannot be ended voluntarily. Checks made to escape the grab take a -5 penalty. The leather strap binding the two participants together can be attacked (AC 16; Fortitude 15; other defenses 14; 20 hit points).

A dagger is stuck in the table before the start of the match. When the game begins, each participant rolls initiative (including bystanders!). The two participants have a handful of actions they can make use of: they can grab the dagger from the table (a minor action), attempt to escape from the straps (ending the grabbed and restrained conditions for both participants; see Escape, PHB 288), attack the leather strap or their opponent, or scoop up gold from the table (using a terrain power detailed below). They may also come up with other ideas, which you will have to adjudicate on the fly.

Bystanders can also participate, whether by throwing gold atop the table (a minor action to throw up to 1d10 gold coins onto the table) or indirectly assisting their champion. As the game progresses, you should keep track of how much gold is on the table, and how much each participant possesses.

The game is over when someone falls to 0 or fewer hit points, falls off the table (which allows a saving throw to avoid falling and to instead fall prone), or after no gold remains on the table (the rule that the game ends if any gold falls off the table is a silly one that encourages little more than the first person to snatch any gold to kick a single gold piece off to end the match and ensure victory).

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