Monday, November 9, 2009

A City Gone Mad

This portion of the adventure is relatively short, and its events are spread throughout the rest of Edge of Anarchy. While King Eodred's death occurs immediately, the unrest in Korvosa is long-lived. The encounters outlined in the City in Turmoil section should be interspersed throughout the rest of the adventure. There are five of them, and what follows is my suggestion for when the PCs ought to experience them.

Run the Meet the Mob encounter on the way back from the old fishery, immediately following the King's death.

Run the Mad Prophet encounter when the party makes its way to All the World's Meat.

Run the Drunken Guard encounter when the party returns from All the World's Meat, before they reach the Citadel.

Run the Imps and Dragons encounter when the party is summoned to the Citadel before being asked to investigate Eel's End.

Run the Otyugh Uprising encounter on the way back from Eel's End.

After Eel's End, the worst of the city's rioting problems have already taken place. Do make an effort to let the party play out all five encounters. They add some great local color to the game, and can help fill in some experience gaps to boot.

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