Tuesday, November 24, 2009

C8 - C14 (Eel's End Lower Deck)

Aside from the spider's lair in area C15 (detailed in its own section), the lower deck of the Eel's End is free of combat encounters.

Area C8 contains six vials of shiver worth 15 gold pieces each, and a single dose of Dream Spider Venom. All of this together is treasure parcel 9 from level 2. Though its combined value is more than 90 gold pieces, many parties will elect to destroy the shiver rather than selling it. Selling the shiver will net the party a bit of money, but it immediately drops the concordance value of Zellara's Harrow Deck by 2 points.

The door to area C9 can be opened with the key, a DC 20 Thievery check, or a DC 22 Strength check to break the door open.

The rope in area C10 (leading down to the bilge) can be climbed with a DC 10 Athletics check.

Areas C11, C12 and C13 require no conversion information.

Devargo's Den (area C14) contains a chest full of treasure which can be opened with the key or a DC 28 Thievery check. It contains treasure parcels 2 and 4 from level 2, an amulet worth 150 gold pieces, a necklace worth 200 gold pieces, a horn worth 20 gold pieces, and sacks of gold worth a total of 80 gold pieces (together, treasure parcels 6 and 9 from level 3).

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