Friday, November 27, 2009

The Queen's Scapegoat

This is, essentially, one very large skill challenge. Give the party a minor quest to bring Trinia in safely. While finding Trinia's apartment is no heroic task, the Shingle chase certainly is. The original adventure even lays it out in a manner similar to how skill challenges are structured now.

Skill Challenge: The Shingle Chase

Setup: I've designed this skill challenge to mirror the original encounter design fairly closely. Below is a modified list of possible obstacles, expanded from the original adventure to include a handful of new skills in order to provide more opportunities for the whole party to participate:

Cluttered Rooftop - Acrobatics DC 10
Crumbling Rooftop - Acrobatics DC 20
Gap in Wall - Acrobatics DC 15
Hidden Shortcut - Perception DC 15
Narrow Hole in Wall - Acrobatics DC 20
Narrow Rooftop Leap - Athletics DC 15
Narrow Walkway - Acrobatics DC 15
Tightrope Shortcut - Acrobatics DC 20
Very Hidden Shortcut - Perception DC 20
Very Steep Roof - Athletics DC 10
Wall - Athletics DC 20
Wide Rooftop Leap - Athletics DC 20
Inclined Roof - Endurance DC 15
Split Path - Streetwise DC 15
Dead End - Streetwise DC 20
Rooftop Thugs - Diplomacy or Intimidate DC 10
Sympathetic Tenants - Diplomacy or Bluff DC 15
Choker Nest - Stealth DC 15
Scheming Thieves - Bluff or Intimidate DC 20
Concealed Passage - Streetwise or Perception DC 15

Create 15 cards, with two of the above obstacles on each. Place Trinia on card 4, and begin the event.

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