Sunday, October 25, 2009

Haunted Fortunes

There is little conversion necessary during the adventure's exposition. A couple of skill checks may crop up as the PCs experience the illusions Zellara has created for them. A Streetwise check (DC 10) informs them that the address on the card they received is the home of the fortune teller Zellara. If they grow suspicious of the illusions themselves, an Arcana check (DC 22) is enough to sense the presence of or identify the arcane illusion magic.

The Harrowing should play out as written in the original adventure. Expect this to be a challenge for you as the DM - it may take quite a bit of practice to get the hang of connecting the "meanings" of the cards to the events of the campaign.

With the reading done and the PCs' task in front of them, provide them with a major quest to put and end to Gaedren Lamm's career of crime.

The Old Fishery is really the first adventuring location of the campaign, and it's there where we get to the meat of the conversion process.

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