Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harrow Points

The Harrow reading at the beginning of each adventure determines how many Harrow Points each PC receives. Edge of Anarchy is tied to the Dexterity ability score, and so your players have the following options for how they might spend their Harrow Points:

  • Dexterity Rerolls: Spend a Harrow Point as a free action to reroll any one d20 roll modified by your Dexterity bonus. You must keep the new result, unless you have additional Harrow Points to spend for more rerolls.
  • Reflex Defense: Spend a Harrow Point as a free action to force an enemy to reroll any one attack roll targeting your Reflex defense.
  • Speed Increase: Spend a Harrow Point as a free action to increase your speed by 2 until the end of the encounter. You may only spend one Harrow Point per encounter in this fashion.
  • Aid Another: Spend a Harrow Point to use Aid Another as a free action.
Each PC is also tied to an encounter (or set of encounters, or event) where they will receive a small bonus for a short while. The card selected by the PC during the Choosing determines which encounter this is. While the PC is participating in that encounter, he or she receives a +2 bonus to all d20 rolls modified by the Dexterity bonus, and gains a +1 bonus to Reflex defense. The benefits expire when the encounter ends.

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