Monday, January 18, 2010

The End of Edge of Anarchy

There remains little left in the adventure to dwell on regarding conversion. Be sure to award the party properly when they return to the Field Marshal.

The final encounter, as explained in the original adventure, should be played loosely. There's no need to interpose any sort of rules to muddy up the scene taking place. The outcome should end up very similar whether or not the PCs decide to provide Blackjack any aid. If things go smoothly, the curtain should set on the first act of the campaign amid an atmosphere of confusion and unsettling mistrust of those in charge of Korvosa. The next adventure, Seven Days to the Grave, can begin nearly immediately.


  1. Scott, first of all, i want to thank you for your job in these conversions of the Pathfinder adventures packs. I'm from Brazil and running the Rise of Runelord adventure to my friends, but, I see that there was no recent posts in the blog Tales of Rusty Dragon. So I ask you, where the other parts of the adventure?

  2. I will begin this campaign in april. Thank you for your great job !

  3. Hey there Scott. It's Golbez57 from the Paizo boards. I just finished a cut-and-paste session of your material into a Word 2003 document. You can email me at k r anderson 57 at yahoo dot com (no spaces) if you'd like, and I'll reply with the document as an attachment. Not sure if you'll have a use for it if you are doing a PDF, but thought you might like it to share with others if they request it.