Monday, January 18, 2010

D12 & D13 (Vreeg's Chamber)

In the original adventure, Vreeg wore a Robe of Bones that allowed him to create a handful of undead to harry the party during this encounter. I've included four zombies in this fight to supplement his own necromantic powers. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

Total: 1,050 xp (Level 5 Encounter)

Vreeg gives preference to the skulk zombies when using his call of the grave power, preferring to have them take the fight to the PCs while the less agile zombies act as bodyguards.

Treasure parcel 1 from level 3, and treasure parcel 2 from level 4 are both found here, either on Vreeg himself or simply in the room.

Stat block:

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